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We are a little riding station near the mountains from Icod de los Vinos.
We have 8 horses, good trained for lessons and horse riding trail rides.
The horses are very friendly, calm and very easy for the handling with riders.
You need a little bit experience for the trail rides.
When you have only ridden before in the classic style its not a problem.
We teach a very easy riding style like Western riding.
We are riding bitless and with very good and confortabel western saddles.

We have different trail rides:

3 hours, round the mountains 50 EUR
4 hours, mountains and view to the Teide 55 EUR
5 hours, mountains, clearing and a nice meadow 65 EUR
6,5 hours, nice views from 1300 Meters up the mountains 85 EUR
7 hours, grill place zone in the mountains for picnic 95 EUR
8 hours, trail to the black Vulcan "volcan negro" 105 EUR
8,5 hours, up the black Vulcan "volcan negro" to a little alternative bar near the mountains
to eat or drink something (not included)
115 EUR
lesson on the riding place, 1 hour, incl. to clean and saddle 30 EUR

lWe have bags, gloves and helmets.

All prices are with cleaning the horses, putting the saddles and to explain the riding style on the riding place before starting the trail ride.

We are a legal riding station and all horses have a insurance.

You have to wear confortable trousers, solid shoes, jacket, a bottle with water and a little picnic or fruits.


Nicole Werner, Tenerife, 38430 Icod de los Vinos, Cruz del Camino. Fuente de la Vega 24.
Phone: 0034 922 81 43 82, Mobile: 0034 646 4073 12,
email: info@teneriffa-reiten.com

How to find us:

Icod de los Vinos, In the middle of Icod de los Vinos are signs to the mountain side to El Amparo / la Vega, little village El Amparo,
next crossroad after El Amparo left, then 200 meters next crossroad left again, up to Cruz del Camino. We are the first finca from Cruz del Camino, 30 meters before the sign from Cruz del Camino. On the left side, down the street. Finca Estrella.
Welcome !